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It makes sound business sense to ensure everyone within your organisation shares their expertise and contributes towards the common goal.

Brand Adventure business workshops help to build consensus and break down the barriers that all too often exist between different teams and departments.

As an ‘outsider’ the facilitator is free to ask controversial questions that challenge assumptions and promote a fresh approach. Issues can then be actively resolved rather than boxes ticked. 

Brand Adventure has devised and delivered workshops tailored to business development, creativity, internal communication and team building. Every workshop is targeted to your precise brief, taking into account personalities, business objectives and your marketplace.

Workshop areas include:

>   Brand evaluation

>   Brand planning

>   Idea generation

>   Name development

>   Process review and planning
>   Presentation skills

"Brand Adventure facilitated a number of project review programmes connected to the regional migration of BBC properties and people for Media City London, Media City UK Manchester, Pacific Quay Glasgow. Facilitating this type of event can be very challenging, but Brand Adventure brought a natural enthusiasm, a willingness to listen, and a sense of fun that helped to make the events an enormous success.

Tony Wilson, Head of BBC Property


Customers notice the brands that are credible, truthful and secure in their own identity.

Whatever environment you operate in you can be sure someone else is trying to muscle your brand out of the way to take your market share. You need a brand strategy and marketing playbook that showcases what really makes you special.

The Brand Adventure immersive approach taps into the collective wisdom, stories, skills and aspirations of your organisation using an appreciative inquiry approach to elicit and release the DNA of the brand at its best. This often hard to grasp detail is your business' passport to carving out your unique purpose.

Qualitative and quantitative data is gathered and sentiment measured.  Communication audits, alongside market and customer research are woven into the process to build situational analysis and deliver strategic recommendations. 

All findings are responsibly drawn-out, distilled and packaged to deliver the unique brand story - the organisational purpose, emotional selling proposition, values, attitude and opportunity scoping, along with the master plan for moving forward.

A safe pair of hands, but this doesn’t mean going to safe places - leaving no stone unturned. Have absolute confidence in you” 
Jan Jackson, Head of Marketing, Certeco


What’s in a name? Just ask Englebert Humperdink or Reg Dwight

Get the name right and your brand will achieve a memorable personality in a crowded marketplace, build customer loyalty, grow your business. Get it wrong and, well, it doesn’t bear thinking about.

Brand Adventure provides the full naming process for new or merged businesses, products and services. The approach includes:

>   Briefing workshop 

>   Virtual naming competitions 
>   Name generation workshop

>   Shortlisting and evaluation 

>   Delivery of recommendations

Linguistic support and management of the legal checking and registration process can also be arranged. 

"The naming process you led was excellent. It was engaging and fun, whilst being delivered professionally at breakneck speed.  We were successful in securing engagement from a range of colleagues across the existing schools and feedback from the focus groups was very positive." 

Paulette Lyden, SoTed, University of Brighton

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