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Team Meeting


It makes sound business sense to ensure everyone within your organisation shares their expertise and contributes towards the common goal.

Brand Adventure business workshops help to build consensus and break down the barriers that all too often exist between different teams and departments. As an ‘outsider’ the facilitator is free to ask controversial questions that challenge assumptions and promote a fresh approach. Issues can then be actively resolved rather than boxes ticked. 

Every workshop is customised to your precise brief, taking into account personalities, business objectives and your marketplace.

Workshop areas include:

>   Brand evaluation

>   Strategic planning

>   Idea generation

>   Name development

>   Process review and planning
>   Presentation skills

"Brand Adventure facilitated a number of project review programmes connected to the regional migration of BBC properties and people for Media City London, Media City UK Manchester, Pacific Quay Glasgow. Facilitating this type of event can be very challenging, but Brand Adventure brought a natural enthusiasm, a willingness to listen, and a sense of fun that helped to make the events an enormous success.

Tony Wilson, Head of BBC Property

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