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Building big ideas together

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Growing brands from the inside out

Brand Adventure’s mission is to connect people and purpose so organisations can achieve their brand potential and influence change for the better.

If you are looking for an experienced, creative thinking and inclusive consultant to guide your brand marketing, facilitate your team workshops or even deliver a new name for your business, then get in touch today to plan your Brand Adventure.

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Working together to transform your business

What ever stage of the growth cycle your business is at, it will be matched with the right toolkit of consultancy and facilitation to move the business forward, bringing the whole team with it.

Uncovering the essential truths and opportunities at the heart of a business requires an experienced, skilled touch. Each Brand Adventure is meticulously planned, carefully activated and successfully delivered. All adventures work to grow brands from the inside out, tackling the difficult conversations with care and unpicking complex conundrums while motivating cross-functional teams to see opportunity and change the status quo.

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Guaranteed Success



I love a good workshop.

Workshops form the foundation of my work because I believe they’re the single most effective way to generate and share ideas, focus strategic vision, involve and motivate. And they’re lots of fun.

Whether running sessions virtually or gathering the team together in a physical space, I make sure the experience is inclusive and productive.

I can run various types of workshop to help your organisation harness the skills of its people, build consensus and break down the barriers that all too often exist between different parts of a large business.

Brand Adventure workshops are particularly useful for strategy development, brand story telling, presentation skills, business process improvement, new products & service ideas, event planning and innovation. 


Do you have a brand project or idea that you’d love to bring to life? 

Brand Adventure’s role is to create the dynamic for positive open brand investigation, guiding your business through each part of the process to get to the heart of the brand opportunity.

Since founding the business, I've provided my clients with a wide range of consulting services to develop their brand and realise their goals.

To find out more about how Brand Adventure can support your organisation, get in touch today.

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What’s in a name? In a word - everything. The right brand name:

>   Supports your business objectives

>   Delivers your brand promise

>   Creates memorable personality 

Brand Adventure offers a name development planning and delivery service for new or merged businesses, products and services. Virtual naming competitions and naming workshops are a popular way to involve extended teams in the process. 

I can also provide linguistic support and manage the legal checking and registration process too. Get in touch to find out more.

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“Tuned in, empathetic and responsive. Most people wouldn’t see what you see or do in a moment on your feet what you can do to drive things forward. A real critical thinker, zooming into the detail; zooming out into the big picture.”

Jan Jackson, Head of Marketing, Certeco

“You came into a business that didn’t have a real sense of what brand was about and simplified it for us, applied it to our situation, drew out our thinking, understood the diverse types of people and gave them a voice. All of the brand strategy work is sacrosanct. You helped us to see what was at the heart of the business and showed us what to do with it”

Leigh Williams, Marketing Director, Troup Bywaters + Anders

Brand Adventure has helped BBC Property with the facilitation of a number of project review programmes connected to the regional migration of BBC properties and people for Media City London, Media City UK Manchester, Pacific Quay Glasgow. Facilitating this type of event can be very challenging, but Brand Adventure brought a natural enthusiasm, a willingness to listen, and a sense of fun that helped to make the events an enormous success.”

Tony Wilson, Head of BBC Property

The naming process you led was excellent. It was engaging and fun, whilst being delivered professionally at breakneck speed.  We were successful in securing engagement from a range of colleagues across the existing schools and feedback from the focus groups was very positive.

Paulette Lyden, SoTed, University of Brighton

Brand Adventure worked closely with the whole team to establish brand personality, values and mission statement that perfectly fit our new look and feel. Ann managed to turn what is often a very theoretical and exclusive process into one the whole team understood and bought into. It was great fun, hard work and ultimately incredibly useful to the channel’s development. Highly recommended.

Clare Laycock, Vice President & Channel Director, Discovery Health

Understanding client needs is critical in our business. Brand Adventure helped us clarify our thinking and approach to this vital issue.”

Rick Burrage, MD, The Grass Roots Group

You have a way of shaping our confusion and complexity clearly and beautifully. I often come to you with a business burden and you take it on. But it’s not about simply passing something on - it’s about feeling understood and feeling that you are in it together. That you have taken it on. Brand Adventure is a way of doing things 
that involves people and gives huge optimism that things will work out.”

Deana Ward, Director, Fresh Ambition (formerly Project Director, Profitnet, University of Brighton)

“We started out with a blank sheet of paper, and just as many blank faces. Ann at Brand Adventure led us through the brand experience and together we delivered a dynamic response that will help us grasp our destiny and shape the future.“

Roger Cross, Partner, Troup Bywaters + Anders

Home: Testimonials


3 Glovers Yard, 121-123 Havelock Road, Brighton, BN16GN

01273 330 073

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