New products and processes, problem solving, brand positioning – at some stage every organisation needs innovative, imaginative, creative thinking. Our high-energy, interactive, supportive workshops are designed to stimulate the imagination and kick-start the process of generating ideas that will give your organisation the competitive edge. Our sessions are suitable for large groups and small teams. Your people will be enthused and energised, brimming with ideas and the confidence to continue to process in the workplace.

We will collect and present all ideas generated in the workshop in a document that includes a summary report of key findings and recommendations. Brand Adventure has led idea generation programmes for:

  • BBC One, BBC Workspace Solutions, BBC 7, Front Row (BBC Radio 4), BBC N. Ireland,
  • Discovery Channel, Discovery Realtime and Animal Planet
  • Grants Whisky
  • ProfitNet
  • SOS
  • University of Brighton


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