Focus groups are an invaluable way to gather good insight into the needs and attitudes of your customer and are a useful tool when developing new initiatives. Our focus group work concentrates on 2 specific areas:

  1. Researching audience needs to inform communication campaign briefs
  2. Testing work-in-progress design or advertising before completion of the design process
Clients include:

• Lambie-Nairn for O2: Reviewing design and advertising work-in-progress and gathering input from the target audience to strengthen the creative work.

• GDF Design for NHS Medway: Reviewing proposed Teenage Sexual Health campaign ideas with target teenage groups to choose the clearest creative routes to implement.

• Frank! for NHS East Sussex Down & Weald: Researching target audience needs to inform a male Prostate & Bowel Cancer Awareness campaign for Southeast England.

• University of Brighton for Profitnet: Gathering feedback on an existing SME business programme and testing new ideas and costing structures.





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