As companies reach a certain point in their growth they often realise that to break through to the next level they must proactively define their business brand. Without this, they risk stagnation and failure to break through the barrier to higher brand awareness.

Our strategic brand planning starts with a Research phase where we capture information about your business, your people, competitors, existing and new customers. We examine your current brand structure and identity and run workshops and structured meetings with your people across all the business functions. Following this, a Definition phase spotlights where the company currently stands and identifies gaps that are holding the brand back and opportunities to help it reach the next level. Output from this phase can involve:

  • Clarifying the brand DNA
  • Matching key brand messages to business objectives
  • Reviving the Emotional Selling Proposition
  • Recommending upgrades to visual identity and marketing elements to meet the new challenges

It is critical to continually involve your people in the development and implementation of the strategic planning process in order to gain the Consensus required to infuse the brand across how the business is run and give each individual the responsibility to play their part in bringing the new strategy to life.



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