Good brand naming for your business, products or services can make a huge difference. Would you like them to make an immediate connection, be well remembered, names that your target audience know and feel good about and that your competitors envy? Of course you would.

Unfortunately, in today’s market this can be quite a challenge. Good brand names that are legally available are in short supply. Also the need to trade overseas can lead to getting tied up in linguistic knots! The technology and engineering sector especially is cluttered and confusing. It can be difficult to stand out amongst the “me too” names.

Brand Adventure’s brand naming process starts by investigating your brand. We review your product offering, audience, end user motivation, and your competitors. We want to make sure your business has the best chance to maintain or gain market share in the name change. This initial work culminates in a brand naming brief that is agreed before any name generation begins.

Brand Adventure uses a set of name generation tools to deliver a shortlist of potential brand names or we can run workshops to include your teams in the process. We can also provide linguistic support and manage legal checking and the registration process too. 







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