We’ve distilled our experience of brand building into a 5-step process that leads to long-term health, vitality and profitability for your organisation. Our process is tailored to your situation so that your team can be involved throughout the process. We can guide you on the whole journey or advise at any part along the way. Take a walk through the stages below and when your business is ready to take its first step we look forward to hearing from you.


Explore – Where’s your brand right now? 

To set your brand on track you first need to be sure of your current brand position and explore your potential for moving forward. Our brand exploration work begins with people – your people, your customers and suppliers. We hold interactive workshops for company leaders and employees to share the core principles of branding and help you to apply them to your organisation. We talk with your customers to get their perspective, we research market drivers in your sector and then review your current marketing and communication style to give a fully rounded view.


Define – What makes you unique?

Customers notice the brands that are credible, truthful and secure in their own identity. Our strategic brand plan defines your brand’s unique DNA. Whatever environment you operate in you can be sure someone else is trying to muscle your brand out of the way to take your market share. You need a winning brand strategy that showcases what really makes you special. Only then can you develop a strong, clear, individual voice that soars above the clamour of your competitors.


Create – What’s your style?

Is it fun, innovative, elegant or traditional? Will it look good in black or does fire engine red reflect your true colours? Is your brand’s voice friendly, sassy, business-like or witty? Identity is a the most visible part of the brand development process. Using your brand strategy as our guide we’ll develop an interpretation of how your brand looks, talks, reads and sounds. Your brand’s unique identity can then be consistently conveyed through everything you produce. It’s implemented across all your marketing materials and it can influence and often revitalise internal processes and procedures.


Engage – Do you all dance to the same tune?

Your staff are vital to making your brand come alive consistently across your organisation so their involvement is crucial to the brand building process. When your brand’s culture is embedded internally it will organically spread across all business activities and customer relationships. We encourage staff involvement as much as possible. We deliver brand roadshows around the country and run fun, inclusive workshops to share brand strategy and enthuse your staff about their role in bringing the brand to life.


Protect – Who looks after you?

As a living, breathing entity your brand needs to be nourished and protected in order to thrive. We offer continued support as your organisation develops. This can mean ongoing reviews of brand activity, idea development for new products and services or brand extension through events and partnerships. Our guardianship helps to keep your brand healthy and pro-active as your organisation grows so that you can take advantage of the challenges presented by certain or uncertain times.


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